August 5th, 2005


Bromborough to Euston

We rose early, for it was Christopher's last eleven-plus exam yesterday. He was suffering from a head cold, which wasn't the best news. After the exam, we caught the bus back home. At any rate, I caught it as far as the Unemployment Office, where it was signing-on day, before returning home to pick up the others. A quick coffee and then we were on our way to the Big City for the visit that didn't urn out as we hoped in July.
We just caught the 13:15 from Liverpool Lime Street. Tables of four together have a laptop power point (but no web access). On arrival in London, we set off to find the hotel. Knowing the street name leading to our hotel, we unfortunately walked the wrong way a few minutes, but it did mean we saw the famed Mornington Crescent in real life before turning back, and finding that in fact the hotel is less than a stone's throw from Euston.
A trip on the Northern Line and the District Line took us to the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, where we go flying tomorrow. In my memory the Houses of Parliament are a much darker colour than the golden colour we saw yesterday. There will me much to do when we go back there: not only the trip on the Eye but also the Dali exhibition at County Hall.
Then it was Jubilee to Green Park and Victoria to Euston where we met with David, once upon a time my best man. We had dinner and wide-ranging conversation before he went back home, but nor before we worked out that it must be about nine years since we met in person, even though Viv has seen him several times over that period.
It's now half past seven, a lovely time for a morning coffee before we set off to Madame Tussaud's and the Planetarium. And tonight, The Mousetrap, now in its 53rd Great Year.