September 13th, 2005


Splut - there goes another week

It's Tuesday morning, and as I come to look back, it's again almost a week since I wrote a full entry about what I've been up to. There's not much happening here at present, as the work of making the house seem more like home continues, as we go along to our church on Sunday, as we eat meals mostly at home, as we make sure that our boys successfully make it to school.
I've booked flights for David to come and rejoin us just before Christmas. We talked to him over the weekend: he seems to be having a reasonable time there, but it's obviously not the same as home. Nor is it quite the same here, but I suppose it's the shape of things to come, not long from now. We're certainly no longer "newly married couple" nor yet "young family". We are "family with teens" while "family with grown-up children" is just around the corner.
Tonight will be the parent's association AGM at Matthew's school. We've said we'll go along so I suppose we will. But I don't want to be _on_ the PTA.
Yesterday, England won The Ashes. Not only that, but Australia lost, so that's two reasons to celebrate.