September 26th, 2005


Interview time

Following two job interviews on Thursday and Friday in Chester and Manchester, it was a quieter weekend. The work was a different sort, with the kitchen having the worst of it. Don't even think about what was behind the oven: it wasn't pretty. It's still not pretty, but it's a lot better. The assorted junk in the morning room, where breakfast is consumed, has been removed. A large box of rich tea biscuits (NZ readers - similar to super wines) was discarded when we noticed the expiry date was Oct 04 and not Oct 05. A large plastic waste bin full of polythene bags and smelling strongly of tobacco was taken into the garage along with a tea-trolley we don't like. I think you get the idea.
Sunday, a service in the morning with a long sermon on Genesis 3 and a short everything else, partly because of the long sermon... more putting our house in order in the afternoon before setting off to the evening service.

Service announcement


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