November 8th, 2005


The week so far...water

Well, Sunday morning's family service was a light and fluffy affair, as is usual for family services. Debbi preached on us being God's treasure and the ten commandments. A short message, a simple one, and a very fine one. It's Debbi who we went to see licensed as reader as few weeks ago. After the service, our rector Steve slowly realised that th fact we were all dressed in black was no coincidence, especially my shirt with the words "New Zealand" and a silver fern logo. We knew we were onto a winner when he had started the notices with the words "Don't mention it!" In a short discussion with me he mentioned that he's never thown anyone out of his church before... I went off to talk to Debbi about the service.
Lunch with Betty, followed by an afternoon of chat and then home, just as it started to rain. Still, it wasn't too bad. Later, the evening service. During the service, no comments about the All Blacks. Rather, we had a very fine sermon, but one which was hard to deliver, looking at the detail of prayer. I know some readers here are not church people, but you know that I am.Collapse )
Monday was a quiet day. We went to Birkenhead in the morning to buy me some trousers, but resisted the purchase of chocolate, curry, music and anything else we might incautiously have bought. A quiet afternoon before Viv went off to a music practice after evening-meal.

On Saturday we got a note from the water company telling us that water would be cut off from 8am till 6pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. So we have had our baths early and filled up most of our spare bottles and pans with water. It's now eight o'clock and the water has indeed gone off.

Now, as promised elsewhere, some post news.
We ordered a book and the credit card was charged on 26/10. On the morning of 30/10, I received a text message reportedly sent at 13:54 the previous day. It said: "Customer service announcement. We recently tried to make a delivery to you but were unable to do so, please call 07090299186 to reschedule. Ref 9383895"Collapse )
Parcel was finally delivered on the Friday, a week after the first text. I do not know which courier company this is. I will try to find out.

Second story, not nearly so long. Last Saturday, I received another parcel. Three books from the US. In a full size USPS mail bag/sack. Inside, the books were packaged in a cardboard box about 11" x 8" x 4". The postman was obviously as baffled by this as I was.