November 11th, 2005


The weekend is here

Tuesday was the day we went to see Riding Lights theatre company's production of "Remember, Remember". It's not the right word to say we enjoyed it, but it was certainly well worth seeing. The play looked at the lead-up to the Gunpowder Plot, 400 years ago, and the issues around fanaticism. Yes, the issues are much the same today as they were then.
During the play, the action stopped from time to time and members of the cast recalled part of their own real life stories of how terrorism has directly affected their own lives.
Towards the end of the play, I felt the clarity and direction of the play was lost a little, but the message was quite clear: fanatics lose their perspective.

The rest of the week, pretty quiet. A couple of phone calls to and from recruiters, a couple of visits to the supermarket, a signature at the jobcentre, nothing from the bank.

Last night, my cousin and her husband came round for evening-meal. It was a good evening, and very agreeable to get to know them again. Tonight, not much, except the game between Wales and Fiji. Twenty eight minutes into it, no score, though both teams are frankly lucky to get NONE. It's a lousy game, shoddy play and terrible commentary.

Now then, people, do any of you SKYPE or GOOGLETALK? If you do, I'll be pleased to hear from you.

Updated: At 39 minutes, a Fijian runs like hell for the line, and with a massive skid puts the ball down and it's a try. No, it won't be nil-nil at half time: it's 7-0 to FIJI. Golly!
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