January 7th, 2006



On Friday morning, Viv went off too Coffee Plus, with the intention of buying a birthday present for Angela in the afternoon.
I set off to Steve's house to talk about some computer-related things, but also found a message from Margaret along the same lines. So, laptop in hand, off I went to answer questions about web promotion, connection to the internet, virus protection and blogging, not necessarily in that order. Margaret brought me home and stayed for a coffee. It was soon after that we all went off to sheaj34's 40th birthday party. As she has said, it's a great triumph for her to have reached 40, with all the health issues she has had, but we were pleased to celebrate.
Desserts at the dessert party included carrot cake, which I garnished with chocolate from the fountain, wet nellie, sliced apple pie, cream crackers, fruit cake and the like, while there was wine and spirits aplenty.
It was a late night: we got home around 2, in bed around 3. Nothing much has happened this morning, and it surely doesn't seem like almost 2pm.
We had a problem connecting to the net at all this morning; rebooting didn't help, but I found that the modem cable was wrapped round the power cable. Unplugging, unravelling and reconnected means that it is working again now, but I don't know what the problem really was.
I hear the boys playing on the computers next door, while Viv does a sudoku puzzle.
Someone keeps calling my mobile and I keep missing the call. If the caller wasn't hiding behind "private number", I could call back. I don't think it's the same caller as "Annoying Call Centre", because at least they leave a number: 01554754901 in fact.

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Prize Competitions for Schoolchildren 1971 "Myra Harding Prize"

Journey to the Unknown

I thought I was still on Earth until I looked up into the sky and saw three moons. I looked around and was surprised to see that the only inhabitants were bears. The largest bear spoke. "Welcome to Hoam," he said and I realised that these bears were intelligent creatures, quite unlike any bears I had ever seen on Earth.Collapse )

The winning entry in the Junior Section of the 1971 Myra Harding Essay competition. I wrote this when I was ten.

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