February 26th, 2006


Viv's birthday

After starting at an ungodly hour yesterday, we got going on the day, which included a trip to Asda to buy a great amount of food, much of which it turned out later might not have been needed. Tidying up the house, moving things around, decorating the rooms with banners and balloons. Mid afternoon Dave and Kate called round, and we were very pleased to see them. But then it was on and on preparing. About five minutes before seven, Betty and Alison arrived, about five minutes letter, David and Margaret showed up. Then, in the next thirty minutes, about thirty more people turned up. Drinks and food...so many people brought wine or other drinks. And the generosity of those who were strangers a year ago was quite moving. The night was a good one, a friendly buzz right through the house. A birthday cake with a candle for each decade, the song, the laughter, the whole event was a good one. Read what sheaj34 has written about it: obviously she had a good night. Thanks too to suilven and takahe for their birthday pictures.
sheaj34, Dave and Kate helped us to clean up, wash dishes (the few that weren't disposable) and put clingfilm round the savable food, and we talked and drank coffee or tea until some time around one or two.
Then it was the birthday itself: Viv got up and made breakfast (surely that isn't how it's supposed to be?) and then we went off to church. Communion, a very fine sermon on Proverbs 5 and then on to the Merebrook for lunch. We're now back home, the boys are attempting homework and bursting balloons and a sort of sanity has returned.
Next excitement: signing on again, a parents' evening, a monthly men's breakfast, a trip to Brussels, Chris's birthday...
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