February 28th, 2006


It's snowing

Just after my last posting, my cousin Alison called round with a birthday present for Viv. Coffee was served (of course) and conversation ensued. Just after she left, we caught the end of the game, a famous victory to Scotland Ireland over Wales. The evening service was another good one, and we got home to the news that Dominick Hide was starting at 9pm. It was a great joy to see that on television again - last broadcast in 1982, though I do have the DVD issued last year.
Monday morning, a visit to the job centre, accompanying Viv as she went to the station, various bits of negotiation towards finding work. In the afternoon, a skip was delivered. It now contains old chairs, bags of rubbish, party detritus and assorted other stuff, and will be filled up over the next few days.
It's been snowing. Between eight o'clock and now, a fair amount, though it has in fact just stopped.
Coming soon: washing dishes, cleaning up the house, throwing more stuff into the skip.
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Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras

In the afternoon, we went to Brikenhead. I paid a cheque into the bank, we looked around a variety of shops, then we checked our route for this evening. It was very cold.
Just before six, we set off to the Little Chef in Eastham for our Shrove Tuesday pancakes. We started off with a main course - I had an all day breakfast, as did Alison. For dessert, it was pancakes, of course - the purpose of the visit. Then we came back through the quite heavy snow. I went through emails and things while Viv did something with her new light-box and embossing device. And it's getting close to bedtime.
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