March 2nd, 2006


Thursday evening once more

We had a great service for Ash Wednesday, with Steve speaking wisely. After that, it was off to Margaret's for a coffee, followed by a trip home. The snow was not so heavy, but there was more forecast. I started thinking that I might travel to Manchester on Thursday night rather than a rushed journey on a cold and frosty morning. After the parish prayer meeting on Wednesday night, my mind was made up.
So Thursday morning, while Viv was at sheaj34's for a coffee or two, I had a haircut, looked out some clothes and got ready to go. Snow fell, hail fell, sun shone.
I filled in the trip to Manchester listening to an old sermon of Steve's, which was quite fun, and then settled in at the hotel, talked to Gill on Skype (they have just got a webcam - oh what fun!) and then walked back to the airport to get a bite to eat. That was a long walk, including the walk between terminals looking for somewhere that was open. Eventually found something, came back, started listening to something else, then Viv called. So I've had an evening of Skype and stuff, and will be off to be shortly. At least I'm getting my money's worth from the hotel's broadband service.
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