March 15th, 2006


Euston station...revisited

After leaving and going to St Paul's, I noticed that even though half the cathedral is covered with plastic sheeting, it has line drawings on to show what it should look like. Presumably so tourists can take photos as if nothing is wrong.
Then the PRMIA seminar...a slightly different emphasis to what I was expecting, but very useful as a way of keeping up to date and knowing that my thoughts are still on the right track. Not to mention some convenient networking, including one guy who needs a copy of my c.v. soon!
After the seminar, mike2sheds and I went off to a very fine Thai restaurant, name unknown, which was encouragingly busy for a Tuesday and had some pretty good food too. The bus back to his place, a night sleeping in the spare room and the opportunity to meed his wife and three children, evidently the well-loved lights of his life.
Then it was off after breakfast to visit a recruitment bod; we talked for nearly an hour, giving me some time to go and do stuff in London. And what did I do? All this culture must be getting to me. Off to South Kensington, not the Science Museum, nor even the Natural History Museum but the V & A. I have never been there before. It's stuffed full of Art and things, from most of the world, though I couldn't find any sign of a Maori and Polynesian section. But I did find a magnificent room full of Raphael Cartoons, and I want to find more about them. What is happening to me? I blame the company I'm keeping, and the Uffizi and things. After a while there, it was back to Euston to type this lot up before catching the train back to the home city. Is that the right term, or have I spent too much time in computer game land? Wait and see what happens next.
And that's it...a rewarding trip to the big city, and a hope of good things ahead. Let's wait and see.
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Home again

Well, obviously not a great deal has happened since I got on the train. I spent the time from Euston to just north of Crewe watching the Star Trek parody movie Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, reckoned to be one of the finest or at least most successful of Finnish films. I downloaded it ages ago but have never found the time to watch it till today. It's very fine, with some moments of brilliance, and I recommend it to anyone with half a gigabyte and two hours to spare. The site for it is - be amazed by Captain Pirk, the Plingons and Baabel 13.
The movie had almost finished when we reached Crewe, where three BTPs who looked like they meant business joined the train, No idea what happened: not my carriage. But that's all as it leaves me at present, and probably won't be posted till I get home.

And a meme gacked from ghoti
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