March 24th, 2006


We're already up to Friday

In many ways, it's been a quiet week. The main part of the week's activity takes place in the evenings. On Tuesday morning, a mad scramble to make the place a bit tidier before Helen came round for coffee after lunch. In the afternoon, Helen came round for coffee...much interesting conversation ensued, some of which may appear here later. Viv went to the choir practice in the evening, I didn't.
Wednesday: morning, signing my name; afternoon, meeting with Steve, our rector; evening, leading a Bible study; late night, no - I've fallen into this trap before.
Thursday: not particularly useful. Listened to some MP3 talks, read an article Steve had sent me. In the evening, went to the recording of the service for Easter morning on Radio Merseyside. This will be broadcast at about 8:15am on Easter morning, which will be some time in the Sunday evening in New Zealand and late Saturday night/Sunday morning on the West Coast. I'll see about posting some BBC steaming URLs between now and then. Though you won't hear Viv or me singly.
Friday: Viv is out at Coffee Plus, I haven't yet done anything much but hope to take some pictures for venta's competition later. See for details. That's about it. I've been posting stuff through the week, but it's not been diary - more memes and administrivia than anything else.
Here's some more: Attention permanent account holders! Have you signed up for permmembers yet? If not, please do so.
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Gambling quiz

This is this week's quiz, for the many gamblers on my flist. Everybody else, the theme of the questions changes every week. I encourage you to sign up for the weekly quiz at


Welcome to the Friday Brainteaser from Xrefer, provider of the Xreferplus online reference service.


Gambling can become addictive, so perhaps it's better not to get into it. But you can get into this brainteaser about gamblers, gambling, and various gambling games.


1. Which city in Nevada is the self-styled "Gambling Capital of the World?" And it isn't Reno!

2. One of the most popular gambling games is a card game which has two basic forms, called "draw" and "stud." What is the game?

3. Name the gambling game in which a ball is dropped onto a spinning horizontal wheel divided into 37 or 38 coloured and numbered slots.

4. The name of the English card game pontoon probably derives from the French name for the game. What is the French name?

5. What is the word for someone in a casino who presides over a gaming-table, collecting the stakes, dealing the cards, paying the winners, etc.? It comes from a French word for someone who rides pillion on a horse.

6. In horse racing, an accumulator bet is normally made on at least how many races?

7. The most popular gambling card game in Europe has a name which is the French word for "railroad." What is this game called?

8. In a letter in 1783, which famous American described gambling as "the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity, and the father of mischief?"

9. Who wrote the 1875 novel "The Way We Live Now," which portrays a society in which gambling - on the Stock Exchange and in the gentlemen's club - has become a dominant activity?

10. Name the Chinese gambling game in which a pile of coins or counters is placed under a bowl and bets are made on what the remainder will be after they have been divided by four.

Answers at
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