March 26th, 2006


Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

On Friday afternoon, we went to Liverpool to take some photographs, but it didn't work out too well: the weather wasn't right for the photos I wanted. Viv went off to Theatr Clwyd in the evening while I took Chris to Pathies.
Saturday was a slow day, though David went off to walk up Moel Fama with some of the youth group, while Matthew went to the cinema with some friends to see The Pink Panther.
In the evening, we went off to St Mary's in Upton to their prayer/praise meeting. That was a short event compared ith many I rememember from my youth, but that wasn't so important as we lost an hour of sleep overnight. We are now at GMT+1 here, so we are eleven hours behind New Zealand but about twenty years ahead :-).
This morning was the service for Mothering Sunday, a fairly short and upbeat Family Communion service. But most of the service was forgotten by the end of it, as our rector Steve announced that he will be leaving at the end of August to take up a new position in Manchester.
It will be a while before the implications of this are fully apparent: obviously we will be heading for an interregnum, but as to what else happens, it's wait and see. We are very sorry to see him leave us, and this after being back for only about nine months.
Afterwards, we went home and told David, who had not been with us, and had lunch, and went to see Betty to give her a card and a gift. Viv had made a card for her, and we also gave her a DVD. I did not buy one of the cards for mothers-in-law I had heard about in a news article: 6p for a card for a mother-in-law, supported by text reading "because you're worth it"...
We're back home now, and the rain has started. The washing is still on the line.
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