March 29th, 2006



Our groceries were indeed delivered yesterday afternoon, but too many items were missing, so we arranged a re-delivery this morning. Last night, as you will have read elsewhere, Viv went off to choir practice, while I spent more time updating the Smirks website. I'm not sure how much it's worth my while doing it, but I seem to be the fount of all Smirks knowledge by now, with an ever growing pile of cuttings and music, and an ever growing website. It's now just over sixty megabytes, but a great deal of that is of course audio files. And one day someone will send me a video, and you will be able to watch disc and bandwidth usage reach the roof. That also took up most of today, while Viv was out at Little Fishes.
The appearance of a police van next door, followed by too many other cars and visitors was ominous: Bob, our next-door neighbour, passed away this afternoon. Bob had been suffering from asbestosis-induced lung cancer. I last saw him just before we went to Italy, and he had deteriorated quickly since the time before. He had been at the local hospice for a while. He leaves behind his wife Margaret, his grown-up children and their children, also grown up.
This evening, Viv and I will be going off to our usual Wednesday night study group, though it won't be so usual for the next month or so, as other events will stop us meeting until some time in May, I think.
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