April 12th, 2006

my house

My life in a stolen moment

The Grand National on Saturday was a spectacle, as ever. But without a sweepstake or a bob or two on a horse, it didn't have quite the interest. But in all the years I watched it as a child, I never remember a false start. Yes, I heard about 2003, but I wasn't watching.
After the race, we went up to Poulton to deliver a greetings card. Then it was off to Debbi and Ian's huse for an evening of dining and chat. I'm sure it would have been even better if Debbi had been in the best of health, but even so we had lots of fun and wide-ranging conversation.
On Sunday, it was Palm Sunday, but the service did not fully reflect this. Viv went back to church pretty early, as sh had a final practice before our Palm/Easter praise service. It was a curious day to have the service, but went well. The finalé was a version of "Our God Is An Awesome God", a song which is treated differently by congregations in different countries simly because of a different cultural understanding of the word "awesome".
Monday, in the words of John Peel, started a bit quietly, but it was the first day of the school holiday. Viv went off to the dentist, I didn't. We again went to deliver a card to somebody. Now that Viv is making greetings cards, we seem to be delivering quite a lot of them. I asked her about this, and she said she hopes she finds the postage stamps again soon.
Tuesday was a much more exciting day: a job interview. In keeping with policy, I'm not commenting on it here, except to say it was in Chester, and was kind of long. Since then, several other people have been in touch to ask about other positions I might be interested in. Indeed I might.
Today, sheaj34 came round for coffee with us. Another wide-ranging conversation, touching on issues of race, war, religion and of chocolate and red wine as therapy for heart conditions.
Just after she left, our mail arrived. Apparently we are among Asda's (Wal-Mart's) thousand best online customers. As if this isn't scary enough, they want to give us a no-catch free night for two at one of a choice of 80 hotels in Britain. How can this be? Maybe that we do most of the grocery shopping for a family of 5 with them? That could be it...
Tonight, we went off to a presentation at a local church by a Russian Jewish lady about the Passover. It was a fascinating insight into the Passover, its symbolism and its relevance today. Apart from that, I also met up for the first time with the mothers of two of my closest friends from times gone by. Hopefully I will be able to meet up with the friends themselves soon.
And now, back home for a cup of coffee, some more reflection and then to bed.
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