April 14th, 2006



My laptop died yesterday, so this is Viv's. In the morning, we finally got going and set off to Cheshire Oaks where we arrived in time for lunch. We ebated for a short while, and settled on Old Orleans...which sells what you would expect. The boys had steaks, I had catfish for the first time. It was pleasant enough: I can't comment on how it compares with real southern catfish, of course.
Then we went to Borders: yes, it's true: they do have all the Korans on the top shelf so children can't reach them, but the Bibles are on the bottom shelf because Christians don't threaten to bomb the building.
Then back home, and then on to the evening service. +Colin led us through the last supper, and it was an inspiring service. Then back home, tried to get my laptop to work, failed, went to bed.
This morning, running round, tidying up, getting ready for the Good Friday service. Unfortunately we won't be able to stay for the combined churches service, as we have friends coming from the other side of the Pennines for lunch.
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