April 18th, 2006


Easter festivities

Sunday morning, off to church, of course. The place was packed - more people than at any service since Christmas praise. Fortunately, we had got there in good time, so were able to sit where we usually do. The family service was quite short, but with all the hymns you might expect, starting with "Jesus Christ is risen today".
Lunch was delayed by a short communion service after the main service. We were keen to stay, but Betty and the boys went home. So Betty had half made the lunch by the time we got home. Mid afternoon, she'd gone home and we went off to see sheaj34, Andrew and stickystone to exchange Easter gifts and drink wine. The boys played out on the field until it was time to go off to the evening service (and longer, for all we know).
It was quiet at the evning service, at least compared with the morning service, and after it we got the chance to catch up with some more people.
Then it was home time.
Monday, a shopping trip into town: the boys got bags, shoes and sleeping bags; I got a record player. It's been a retro-techno-gap since we got back here: no way to play the vast vinyl resource currently languishing in the garage. Viv, I think, is disappointed that her time of choosing the music here is over for the time being.
Reading, listening, resting. That was Monday night.
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