April 19th, 2006


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When the shops opened on Tuesday, I took my laptop to the computer emporium.
Where did you get it?
Dick Smith Electronics, Wellington, New Zealand.
Then it won't be easy to take it back there.
The diagnosis was not good. Vast amounts of music, vast amounts of lecture, vast amounts of financial risk management literature. Fzzzzt. I do have the CDs I was going to use to back them up. Some of the material can be bought again. Some can be acquired again. Some is lost forever. Move on. By the end of the week or the start of next week, I will have a refurbished laptop: new 80GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM. Unsullied by applications or data.
Almost straight after that, we went to Kathryn's house. She is the retiring Crosslinks rep at our church. Viv and I have agreed to take this on. We had a long discussion with her about Crosslinks and about the church. Back home, and we ordered pizza for the evening, as here wasn't much time before David had to go out. He has got busier recently, as people realise he is available to do stuff. He will be helping at the Bala youth camp this weekend. Matthew and Chris are going there too. Viv and I will take the opportunity to visit David W in London while they are away. (so don't try mailing between Friday morning and Sunday morning)
This morning, David took delivery of and started assembling a wardrobe for his room. I went to the computer shop to drop off some Acer driver disks on my way to sign on.
Lunch: peanut butter sandwiches and minestrone soup
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