April 23rd, 2006



We went to London without any laptops, which seemed fair as the boys had gone to Bala similarly. We saw them to the church hall, where we left them and set off for Liverpool. The bus from James Street to Lime Street took a while to negotiate the one-way system, but we were still there in plenty of time.
The journey to London was utterly uneventful. On arrival, we set off to St Paul's Cathedral. Unlike my last visit there, when I had just sat outside waiting for a meeting nearby, we went in, looked around, went down into the crypt and climbed to the Whispering Gallery, the Stone Gallery and the Golden Gallery at the very top. Views right across London. You could see the London Eye, the Gherkin and so many other points of interest. A boat towing a massive barge went by. In all, I'd say between 40 and 50 containers on the barge. Then it was off to Kensington, where we were staying for the weekend.
After the climb, a shower was called for before dinner, so we did. It was the birthday of Her Majesty, which seemed to dominate the news. The rest of the news was partisan sports coverage, explaining how we could look forward to a Cup Final between Chelsea and West Ham. Also of interest, the first race meeting under lights in London and the London Marathon on Sunday.
We went to a Thai restaurant just up the road. Unlike my last experience, some of it was actually hot and spicy. Then David came back with us and we talked about the cares of the world till late.
Saturday morning, breakfast, then from Olympia to Westminster Abbey. We didn't climb anything but we did see many, many memorials. Then a quick stoop for a bite to eat before going to Buckingham Palace. I thought there might be the Changing of the Guard at 3pm, as I seemed to remember that as the time for it, but it wasn't. However, there were cars in the palace forecourt, from each year from 1926. Well, a couple of them were motor-bikes, a few years were missing and in stopped (so far) at 2001. The collection was obviously still being assembled, and 1984 drove in while we were watching. 1981 was a DeLorean, just like in BTTF. I hadn't seen one of those since I saw one parked outside the Embassy in Wellington when we saw the Star Wars premiere.
We walked through the park to Green Park station, from whence we went to Waterloo. But by then we were tired, so went back to Euston and caught a train (surprisingly travelling via Birmingham) home. Again, uneventful. Cross the road at Lime Street, see a St George flag flying over St George's Hall, go home. In the lift at James Street we heard that there was not to be an all-London final, and there was also evidence of this on the train back to Bromborough. "We'll be running round Cardiff with the Cup, We'll be running round Cardiff with the Cup, We'll be running round Cardiff, running round Cardiff, We'll be running round Cardiff with the Cup" being one of the more repeatable songs they were singing. Pity they missed their stop...
Home, coffee, bed. That is all. Except to say that I missed out our first event of the day, a haircut for me.
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