April 27th, 2006


Quiet week, interviews, parish AGM

On Sunday, it was St George's Day, but we didn't mark that at church. The service started with the National Anthem to mark 80 years of Elizabeth. The service continued in its usual way and without further patriotism. After the service, it took a while to get out of church as rector Steve had many people to talk to.
Lunch was at Betty's - without boys we were free to dine differently and we had duck. I haven't eaten it for a long time; it was very good. Its quacking days were long over. Back in the evening for a sort of evening service, which was the end of the Bala camp. Not quite a service, more an end of camp event.
Monday: collected my laptop from the computer shop, took Chris's in, prepared for and had a job interview.
Tuesday: quiet day, quiet afternoon, Margaret came here in the evening.
Wednesday: looking at the church's annual report during the day, the church's annual meeting in the evening. Fairly low key meeting, as it turns out.
Thursday: nothing yet. About to place a supermarket order.
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