July 4th, 2006

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Fourth or Fifth

On Saturday, we went off to do more fact-finding and shopping at Asda. The threatened strike by Asda staff has been called off, so we will be able to shop there at least a little happier. Saturday night was the night pencilled in for a family meal, but in fact the boys had been round at sheaj34's house watching the game and eating hot chips, so there was less demand here. Even so, we pretty much disposed of a selection of curries, breads and rice we had brought home.
Three services on Sunday - that's just ridiculous, but it was the last opportunity to push the Won World Weekend, so we did. The 9:30am was also John N's first event. At 11, Debbi spoke about following the instructions, while at 6:30, Steve was talking about God's sovereignty. Collapse ) Home after that, and preparations continued. Monday was also bamboobowboy David's birthday, so we recognised that with the customary ripping of paper. Lunch at McD, shopping at Asda. David went off to see X-Men III. We didn't.
In the evening, he went off to a pub quiz night with some friends, but as far as I can see, they didn't actually compete, but sat outside chatting. Meanwhile, we were off at Harry and Viv's place, praying for their forthcoming trip and explaining a world view to some others there.
NOW, by the miracle of time zones
Happy birthday to takahe, who will be up in a couple of hours to celebrate her birthday on 5th July
Happy birthday to mrs617, who will be up in a couple of hours to celebrate her birthday on 4th July.
Jenny and Holly, happy birthday.
Tonight, we will be going out to dinner to celebrate David's birthday again. But that was yesterday, Holly, and the day before yesterday, Jenny.
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