July 16th, 2006



And so another entry starts with an apology to anyone who cares that another week has shot by with scarcely anything written here. Yes, there have been a few comments here and there, but that's about it.
We've been spending the week taking it a little easier after the excitement of the Won World Weekend, but that's not to say it's been quiet.
Monday was a quiet day, however, except for the evening, when I went to Christopher's school prizegiving. Chris hadn't won a prize, but I was at school with the guest speaker, and I wanted to hear what Mark had to say. He quie clearly aimed his speech at the boys, no doubt remembering the school speech days we endured in days of yore, when the speeches were aimed fair and square at the parents and sounded like party political broadcasts for the Conservative Party.
By Wednesday, we were listening to John N at church in the evening - a continuation of the series on 1 Thessalonians I had missed the beginning of the week before while putting up the tent.
Saturday morning was the fund-raising coffee morning for Habitat and Crosslinks, and after that we went off to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It's a convoluted plot and that's for sure. Following that, Golden Arches.
The evening was a church social out in the wilds of Willaston, a taxi ride away for us, but about thirty people met for drinks and a light evening meal buffer. As well as that, the opportunity to play lawn Jenga and wander round talking to people. A very enjoyable night.
Then today, we heard John preach about King David in the morning, and Nick preach about St Stephen in the evening. Between the two services, lunch and both Viv and me feeling exhausted for no particularly obvious reason. But we're now winding down at the end of the weekend. More news soon...I hope!
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