July 29th, 2006


Paris trip - July 2006


There are some things I won't do to earn HHonors points, and one of them is to pay £17.95 x 5 for our breakfasts, so we ventured out into Kensington High Street, where each of us had a big breakfast for less than the price one of us would have paid at the Hilton. Then it was back to the hotel, off to Waterloo and the checkin for the Eurostar. Checkin is slightly less painful than for an international flight, but not very much so. We were booked on a train that was non-stop from Waterloo to Gare du Nord. During the journey, pretty much nothing happened. I was very disappointed by quite what a soulless train journey it was.
Once in Paris, we took the RER train one stop to Les Halles and then a connecting service to Marne-la-Vallée for Disneyland. We looked around the Village for a while, then found a bus to take us to our hotel, where we dumped our bags before returning and having a very pleasant and very large meal at the Ranforest Café. After that, we were hot and tired, so we went back and slept.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that breakfast for all of us was included in the room rate, so we went down to the terrace to benefit from this. A perfectly ordinary but quite acceptable continental breakfast. But I guess that any readers will be more interested in the rides than in breakfast.
Parc Disneyland is much smaller than the Anaheim park, and has fewer rides. Nevertheless, Thunder Mountain is just as good: the mountain is actually on the island surrounded by the equivalent to the Rivers Of America. The Mark Twain boat is the same too. The riverboat doesn't often run out of steam, but I do. I will pick up on this tomorrow.
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