September 23rd, 2006


Saturday is shopping day I drive my car

Apart from the fact that I'm no expecting to go shopping and I don't have a car, this Peter Gabriel line fits perfectly. It is, after all, Saturday.
On Tuesday afternoon, we went to see Betty, and then in the evening, as previously discussed, Viv and I went out to Alam Balti for our anniversary celebration. We had their banquet for two people, which was a fine meal indeed, and then as it was quite warm and quite earlt, we strolled through Bebington as far as Spital Station.
We spent the end of the evening distracted by some news we had heard, but overall we had a good day.
Come Wednesday, and the week continued in its usual way. Viv went off to help with Little Fishes, we had a church meeting in the evening and that was about it, except for the arrangement of a telephone interview for me for Thursday.
Thursday: a quiet day, with some preparation for a phone interview. And they never called, and when I asked the recruiter on Friday morning what had happened, she said she would get back to me, but didn't.
The rest of Friday? Viv snd David preparing for their trips: Viv is away at a ladies weekend arranged by a group from our church; David is in London seeing a young lady he knew in the Hutt Valley who is on a family holiday to see her grandparents. And I took Chris to Pathies, where we also had a look at some of the things being chucked out by the rector and his family as they prepare to move.
A very early start this morning: David and I caught the 05:48 to Lime Street. After coffee, David went on to Euston, after which I understand he is going to Gidea Park. I came back home.
We've just had lunch: bacon and eggs. Matthew is all set to go to Birkenhead, while I think Chris is going off to see Ben, who called round a few minutes ago.
I need a shave.
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