October 5th, 2006



Soon after my last diary entry, Viv and I walked off to the station in the rain. Viv went off to Fishes, I went on to Liverpool to catch the connection to Manchester. Nothing special at all about the Trans-Pennine, except for reasonably comfortable seats and a fast journey. From Piccadilly, a trip on the tram and then to the place I was being interviewed. After that, a trip on the tram and the trains home. Nothing striking about Citylink either.
In the evening, the usual monthly TWG meeting, before home and sleep.
After my discussion with the recruiter, an interview with a company in Nottingham has been pencilled in, while someone else spoke to me about the company, a very famous name worldwide, who were supposed to give me a phone interview a little while back but failed to do so. Apparently they still want to talk to me. Now, a position with them. That would be something money couldn't buy.
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