November 7th, 2006

seven stars

Late night

A late night last night, as I edited files for a website and spent too much time on Google Talk. At least it wasn't as pointless as one of the previous evenings. Just as I was about to give up and go to bed, the main light in the living room fizzled out.
One of my first acts after breakfast this morning was to wash the dishes put in a new light bulb. After about five minutes, the new bulb fell out of the fitting in the ceiling onto the floor. I picked it up and then immediately dropped it, as it was of course very hot. Five more minutes, and I could replace it in the fitting.
Later on, coffee at Angela's place. I'm still 16st 10, but expect to lighten again soon. And then home, to sort out some more things related to interviews, of which the next one will be in Manchester tomorrow afternoon.
Tonight, I was sucked into listening to The Archers, which we followed before we left England, and which I haven't listened to since then. Collapse )
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