November 13th, 2006


Monday morning

On Saturday afternoon, we went to Birkenhead and bought some bits and pieces: Christmas crackers, paper, card: all the essentials of life, to be sure. And then we came home. We watched and read about the games going on: on the whole, the results were OK. But in all, a quiet day.
Sunday morning dawned in time for us to go off to the Remembrance Service. Steve B was leading our service at the War Memorial, before we moved into church to continue the service. +Colin spoke about the importance of a firm foundation for our life, our marriage, our country.
In the afternoon, little happened, but towards the end of the afternoon, Chris and I set off to New Brighton for Adam's birthday party. Adam is a schoolfriend of Chris's; his father was at school with me. Chris won their bowling contest and came second in the laserquest battle. Well done.
Home and pizza and bed. That is all.
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