December 5th, 2006

ian and viv

Tuesday morning

Just eleven overs to go, and it looks as if England have managed to throw away their advantage in the test match. After declaring at 551/6, how on earth could they have been bowled out for 129? Moving on, it's been pretty ordinary here. Sunday saw the usual services, supported by unusually cold and wet weather. Still, it hasn't been too bad overall. Monday was another day, and so will today be.
It's been almost five years since I started this LJ: should I carry on once that anniversary comes? Five years of drivel...
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ian and viv

It's been a long time coming

A few minutes ago, I received an offer of a job with a bank in Chester. I have accepted this provisionally, and will now have all the paperwork and stuff to work through. So ends the process of relocation to the UK: the boys are in school, we are settled in a home with social, church and other commitments. Now, the last part, paid work for me, is complete.
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