December 9th, 2006

lost my mind

The geese are getting fat

It did get lighter on Thursday, in the end. I wrote some more of my sermon for Sunday evening, which I finished yesterday afternoon. Viv has been out delivering leaflets, visiting people, shopping for stuff, printing CD sleeves and Christmas newsletters. In the afternoon, I went off to talk to our youth leader, who will be running the service on Sunday.
Elsewhere, a tornado tore part of London apart. Not good for anyone, of course, but 200 miles from here.
Friday morning, Viv went off to her morning group, while later on she went off and did herown thing while I finished the sermon. Pretty soon, it went dark and started to rain or hail or both, and then I took Chris off to his youth group, who were going off to McDs that night. On the way home, it started to rain again, and between the station and home, I met Matthew on his way out and David on his way out.
So in just about half an hour, I met everyone in the family singly!
Once I was home and warmer, we watched some of "Star Trek: The Animated Series" which arrived on Thursday morning. It's the last bit of Star Trek to be issued on DVD. It's much better and sharper than the versions I got online, and well worth the price.
So now we're up to Saturday lunchtime, after a pretty quiet morning.
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