December 16th, 2006

lost my mind

Saturday, cold

Viv and I set off early in the morning to pray for our friends in Tanzania, and after that we set off to Higher Bebington to join with the carol-singers there. It was half an hour of singing with people from the churches in Higher Bebington, including one lady who is the mother of a dear friend we had lost touch with...we now have an address for him again.
Then off to do the same in Lower Bebington, outside Somerfield supermarket, but then I got a lift home while Viv went off to another friend's house.
Chris and I went off to the bus-stop, where we just missed a 42, and then set off on foot to Bromborough village, where we just missed a 1. But the next 1 got us to Cheshire Oaks in time for Chris to meet up with friends and go partying, while I went off to buy some shoes and a couple of other things, before returning to the cinema by myself to watch Casino Royale. Not a bad film: an entertaining romp (I hear my father in my words here) with a lightweight plot, and mucho action. If you want a deeply though-provoking film, you probably don't go to watch Bond James Bond.
Then I went back to the shops, back towards Pizza Hut, met up with Chris and we came home, though by then the 1 had reduced to an hourly service, so it was a while to wait, but at least we got a bus quickly once we got to Bromborough village.
Then home, where Viv had just finished watching the Narnia movie, but we've put it on again. Viv can't bear silence.
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