December 18th, 2006


Monday morning - but only just

Yesterday started with Viv setting off for the service, and me following after, with Betty and two boys. During the service, +Colin gave a dynamic sermon, taking in lines from most of our Christmas carols and a quotation from "A Christmas Carol" - great stuff, reminding us of the real meaning of Christmas, so often forgotten by so many.
Then in the evening, after a quiet afternoon (for me) off to the annual Carol Service at church. Viv was singing and dressed in red: they all were. But Viv was the best.
Then a lot of clearing up afterwards.
This morning, the boys went off to school and I set off to the jobcentre for the last time. It's good to sign off. So I did that: my next days to sign would be 25/12 and 1/1, both dates when the place is shut. And by 8/1, I'll be going to Chester every morning at some ridiculous hour.
But today, it's off to the big city for a seminar, and maybe other stuff too. But I need to post this before I zip off to Lime Street.
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Good evening from Docklands, where I will shortly be setting off for another PRMIA seminar. This may well be the last one of these I get to for a while. One thing that is quite interesting is that the speaker was previously Chief Risk Officer at my former employer on the other side of the world. Since then, we have both left and moved...
But for now, it's been cool. An uneventful trip to London and across to Docklands. Once again, an upgraded room, though no champagne this time.
Still, it's very pleasant. I've got the net working here, as you can probably tell because you're reading this.
It's dark outside, but that's because it's early evening in the middle of a British winter.
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Risk seminar this evening

Well, what an evening...after a little while here, it was off to the Reuters building to listen to Mark Lawrence. Seems I was mistaken before: he's still based in Melbourne, and just here for a short visit. He went into a lot of detail about some aspects of Operational Risk, but maybe I'll just cut here. Collapse )
Both before and after the presentation, I got to talk to some people and get some "networking". It was also good to have a few words with the speaker afterwards: we had been in the same organisation and had a few colleagues in common. And he kept on talking about the cricket. But I reckon it's pretty much time to turn in now.
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