March 2nd, 2007


Friday evening once more

I struggled to get up on Friday morning, but managed it well before the time reached six o'clock. It was the usual breakfast time, and then the journey to Chester. As usual the train from Wirral pulled into platform 7b, and one more I looked at the London train on the next platform. One day I'll get on it, I'm sure.
Anyway, after the trip to the Business Park, I found that I had won an iPod in a company promotion. (Of course, there's now enough information in this post for a seasoned cyberstalker to identify me, but I think everyone who cares already knows who I am, and that I don't post any useful information about my workplace for it to be useful. On the other hand, I've had trouble with that before.)
Anyway, winning an iPod was a very pleasant surprise and has propelled me to the "cutting edge", if that's what a Shuffle is. The downside, of course, is the risk of my name being published far and wide in the company, but that might not always be a bad thing.
Lunchtime: fishcakes and chips, but not many of them, and a banana.
The afternoon passed reasonably quickly and I caught the 17:45 as usual. And it's been pretty quiet here tonight, just like it was last week.
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Help wanted - Americans in Britain

For a piece of research, I would like to know:

Where do Americans go in Britain?

I'm looking to find out where long-term residents of Britain who are U.S. citizens might reasonably be expected to go. I'm not talking about tourists: if someone was looking to market goods or services, where should the advertisements be placed for best effect?

Although I'm looking at Americans in Britain, it's possible that other nationalities or other countries might be able to provide some insight on this one.

If you can help, please comment!
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