April 9th, 2007



On Saturday during the day, we washed lots of dishes and lots of clothes and got ourselves ready for the trip. In the evening, a quick visit to some friends before bedtime.

And on Sunday morning, the celbration of the resurrection, in the form of running around getting ready before the family service where Nick showed off a dead chicken, to uproarious laughter. He's just getting in the swing of it, and he'll be off...

Straight after the service, Mike gave us a lift to Lime Street, where we had BK for lunch before setting off across country on Easter Day trains, being five hours to Ely, a change and nearly another hour to Stansted. We had a lovely meal at the hotel there, but it was a little dearer than we might have preferred.

And then today, up at some ungodly hour before we caught a shuttle bus back to STN, where we checked in for the Sleazyjet flight and had time to eat breakfast at Frankie & Benny's before hearing a final call for our flight, at which Matthew abandoned the last bits of his brekkie and we went to the gate...and waited for boarding.

Easyjet isn't nearly as rotten as people say. We did buy drinks on board, but that's all. Then off to the Hilton Park Hotel, by two local trains, drink in the exec lounge then off to Marienplatz, where we had some ice creams, just like we did on 6 July 2005, and then we had a look round a couple of churches, one much smokier than the other. And then it was off to the Hauptbahnho to buy tickety-wicketies for our next two day adventures. By then we were tired, so we came back to the hotel, where we now are. And it's almost seven o'clock, though my laptop thinks it's six. I'll fix that in a moment.

Another evening meal calls.

Around town we saw a street performer who can balance all manner of things - he balanced glasses, bottles, umbrellas and all sorts on his head before playing a few tunes on a glass clarinet.

And it looks like Karlsruhe are playing the beautiful game here tonight, judging by the number of Karlsruhe shirts and the number of police here. So we'e probably as well out of the city centre.
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