April 27th, 2007


I'm on the train

Long time readers will remember that I used to do this all the time in
New Zealand, but until now I haven't had the right software for here.
And as so often, the solution has been provided by Google. First, rail
news: the rail service round the Liverpool Loop is suspended for six
weeks. I'm amused by the signs announcing trains going to St James.
Who is this saint? Why has he been unrecognised in Liverpool for so
long? Or maybe it's that one of the system operators isn't from round
here and so has never heard of James St. Next: A quiet start to the
week but it got faster with our usual Wednesday night study and with
the church's AGM last night. That was a reasonably peaceful affair,
fortunately. I was elected unopposed to Deanery Synod, the first step
on a journey of a thousand miles... Also last night I found a new mail
client for gmail on a mobile phone. So if this works, I might be able
to ramble more extensively here in future. Wednesday wasn't a holiday
here: the British have nothing to celebrate on ANZAC Day. In fact, the
English distribution of bank holidays in very odd: three at Christmas,
two at Easter, two in May and one in August. That's it. Nothing like
an even spread through the year. Next: the second team I supported in
the cricket has lost. I now have to shout for Sri Lanka in the final,
but I fear that to be a hopeless cause. And we are now approaching
Chester Station. Be seeing you!
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End of a long week

It is a very beautiful evening. Apparently it's the warmest April
since records began in 1659 or something. The promise is for a fine
weekend, which means that the church's Mad Hatter's Tea Party should
be a bright and sunny affair. A quiet weekend apart from that, I
think. Wait and see.
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