May 2nd, 2007


May reflections

Viv's new computer was delivered yesterday, so most of the night was
spent loading various pieces of software, and the next few days will
see more of the same. We also watched the game last night, as much as
our dodgy television would let us. So we also listened on Radio City
96.7 and a more reasoned and calm commentary would have been hard to
find... perhaps Capital Radio would have managed it, though they would
be less happy with the result. As for me, I have no complaint with the
result but I intensely dislike major matches being decided by penalty
shoot-outs. Unfortunately, the mighty dollar/pound/euro/yen has
spoken, and it seems that replays have become a thing of the past.
I've said this before, I think. Was the weather in England always like
this? It's hard to remember, especially when for fifteen years I had
to listen to Aussie and Kiwi propaganda telling me that Pommie weather
was lousy. But we do seem to be having uncommonly fine weather. And so
does southeast Australia, but more than it wants. Is this global
warming, or just within the realm of natural variation? Of course, if
we knew the answer to that, things could be very different. But while
it lasts, this weather is pleasant, though English farmers will not
agree. For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know what I was talking
cant above, Liverpool beat Chelsea in the semi final of the Champions
League last night. They will go on to meet either the Salford Scum or
some Italian team in the final in Athens. I won't be there. Other
forthcoming events: Saturday evening: A friend's 40th birthday party.
9.30 Sunday: I preach. All Monday: a public holiday. Be seeing you!

Bright Wednesday

It continues to be fine and bright here on the Anglo-Welsh border.
However, as the whole of the time since my last posting has been at
work, there isn't very much I can say here. Except that there are
obviously some very twisted Blues fans out there, who see fit to rob
the house and torch the car of the Liverpool keeper while he is
playing for the team to help them into the final. No, I don't know for
sure that they were Blues fans, but I'd say there's a better than 99%
chance of it. Perhaps they have misunderstood the idea of 'friendly
rivalry'? A stream of traffic stretches ahead of me. Will I reach
Chester Station in time to catch the 17.45?