May 8th, 2007


After a short break, here I am again

Friday evening was pretty quiet, as I remember, but there is a small
question mark over my memory, for I think we may have done something I
shouldn't be forgetting, and I will update this if I remember what, if
anything, it was. On Saturday, after another slow start, Matthew and I
went to Birkenhead. Apart from burgers for lunch, we also bought
shoes, a phone, a bathroom cabinet and an aerial signal amplifier.
Together the sound like the sort of things you'd find in a lady's
handbag. Once we were home, it was nearly time to go out. We went to
Libby's 40th birthday party. Spit roast, gazebo, friends from many
years ago and from today. An excellent night and one to remember well.
Ah, back to Friday night: I've remembered... I was, of course, writing
my sermon. Late home on Saturday and then to church on Sunday morning
to preach the famous sermon. It went very well, judging by the
comments I received. And I have to do that, because as the man who
preached it, I can never tell. Another service and then lunch. In my
sermon I had welcomed back our friend Amy, who has just returned to up
after 8.5 years in Chile. But lunch was a special one for her, as the
whole church family met to learn what she has been doing and her
expectations for the future. That was the first half of the afternoon,
not least because Viv was an organiser of the event. The second half
of the afternoon was a trip to the cinema to buy some gift vouchers as
an engagement present for Mark and Kat. They engaged a few weeks ago,
but we hadn't had a chance to get a gift till now. The card and gift
were well received when we saw them later. Looks like Spider-Man 3
will be getting another visitor or two. Late Sunday night, working on
a new venture: a website to promote the work of some people overseas.
It's not the time to give any details yet, but the work went on late
into the night when I was far too tired. So another late start on
Monday, for we had heard the milkman deliver the milk *before* we went
to sleep. After lunch, Betty came round to visit.

As I was saying

Goodness me, 2000 characters already... After Betty left, it had
started to rain. The evening was a quiet one, as we spent the time
playing a game of Age of Mythology, like we used to do soon after we
got back to England. That brings us pretty much up to date, apart from
a night's sleep, a breakfast and a train journey to Chester station.
It seems that the bus fare has gone up from £1.10 to £1.20 over the
weekend. Or 99p to £1.08 for those with stored value cards. I would
have thought that I would have seen some notices about this somewhere,
but no. Anyway, the bus has set off now so I guess it's time to push
the 'send' button and get on with the day.