May 26th, 2007


Cats in Manchester

After a barbecue with some of the folks from work, it was a quiet
evening with pizza, Morse and Star Trek. This morning, an early start
for a haircut, followed by an exciting trip to Manchester. We were all
on the right side of the platform, except for one of us. Then it was
lunch at BK at Piccadilly before we set off to the Opera House.
Showtime is fifteen minutes away.

Every bit as good

Every bit as good as I remembered it from the good old days, when
buying tickets for 'Cats' saved me. But anyway, a magnificent show,
with lots of effects, songs, dances and all the things that make great
musicals great. But after a return via Chester, we're almost home. And
Viv thinks we should have gone via Liverpool, even though the train
was packed and there would have been a bus from Lime Street to
Birkenhead. But we're all pretty happy and it's been a great day.