May 31st, 2007


Good morning, good morning

I understand that it was 40 years ago today, or this week at any rate,
that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play, and the album of that name
was released. I was almost 6 and it passed of by at the time. Of
course, the 40th anniversary isn't so important: the first line, after
all, is 'it was twenty years ago today' though unfortunately that one
passed me by too. Also while thinking about anniversaries and
histories in popular culture, it occurred to me that Star Trek
finished before Apollo 11 was rumoured to land on the moon, while Star
Wars didn't start till well after Apollo had finished. Down to earth,
we had a much better day of weather yesterday. In the evening, Viv was
out with a couple of friends from church, so three of us men met up
for a game playing evening. I persuaded them to give 'Flutter' a go,
and rather surprisingly, it was voted back for a second game. Its
simplicity and reasonably short playing time, combined with a balance
of skill and luck, make it a popular choice. It's a pity it never had
more commercial success. No Metro newspapers at the station this
morning, one of the first days for a while I set off without an
alternative source of reading matter, of course. Longer term readers
will know my choice of material: The Economist or Private Eye or
possibly a banking journal. But now it's Chester Station and time to
say goodbye till the next time.