June 23rd, 2007


Voice Post:

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“Good morning from Oxford. Just a quick note to let everybody know I'm having a great time here, meeting up with friends old and new from college around the time that I was here.
It's been a good day College is much as it was before though there are some completely new buildings which I certainly don't recognise. Looking out on the quad from a slightly different angle to where I looked out on it so many years ago, it hasn't changed. That's one of the strengths of Oxford I think and perhaps a weakness too.
But it's a great morning, soon I'll be having a shower, going for breakfast and then a full day of events culminating again with meeting up with old friends and new friends in the bar tonight

Then tomorrow morning, all to soon, it will all be overlove to everyone who reads this, especially Viv. Bye”

Transcribed by: vivh


Just after sending the voice post, I realised how bad it is with
proper names. So I wanted it to be clear that I sent my love
especially to Viv, and not whoever the voice post transcription thinks
I said. I have access only to email, so I can't see what it made of
it. But based on yesterday's comments, Bromborough is beyond it. But
now I really do need to get going.