July 20th, 2007


Last day

It seems amazing that this is our last day in Keswick. This morning's talk and then we're on our way.
Last night, a talk about the Damascus Road and St Paul, and the recording of the session for BBC Radio 4, to be broadcast on 5 August. It was a good evening, but the rest of the day wasn't bad either.
Rain at lunchtime, Mexican food in the early evening. And now, the end is near.
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Extraordinary weather conditions

No problems at all on the bus to Penrith, or on the train to Preston.
But the train manager was telling us, unlike any announcements on
stations, that severe weather meant that all trains running to the
south coast would be terminating at Birmingham, and that flooding was
so severe that there was no chance of onward road transport either.
So, people, what's happening? Is the South really under water? Or is
there some less dramatic explanation? Away from a reliable web
connection at the moment: will no doubt work it out for myself once we
get home. Connections from Warrington don't seem so good, but I think
it's always like that here.