July 25th, 2007


We're back!

The power failure in San Francisco affected LJ more than it affected
us, of course. Last night, off for a celebration of Debbi's birthday
with Viv, Brian, Libby, Ian and of course Debbi. As ever, good food
and good company. All the children, seven in all, were at Debbi's
place eating home made pizza and playing Wii games. A good night for
all, I think. Overnight, an interrupted night of sleep as the
neighbour's burglar alarm kept going off. And it was cold and rainy
outside, though warm and dry in a comfortable bed. I'm guessing nobody
wants a lot of information about the bed. An early start, an early
breakfast, and already on the road. Viv is off to Manc today to see
Moth and quite possibly do other things there too. Of course, in the
old days no self-respecting Scouser would travel to Manc unless their
life depended on it, but now it seems much more normal for everyone.
Maybe it's better road and rail communications, maybe it's old
prejudices becoming less. Or it could be the enormous amount of urban
renewal, sparked by the Arndale Centre bombing. Both cities needed it:
Liverpool's turn is now, with all the work for the Capital of Culture.
But that's caused a lot of problem in itself, and to be honest doesn't
seem to have captured the public imagination. And even if it does
manage that in January, as the events start, it will still be too
late. Time was that Liverpool was the second city of the Empire, but
these days it's hard to put any compelling argument that it is more
important than Manc, as I tried a while back. Certainly part of the
blame for that can be squarely at the feet of the BBC and Granada, who
put their propaganda centres of excellence in Manc rather than the