September 28th, 2007

black king

Not happy

Not happy: train cancelled. Apparently as a result of a technical
fault found on board the train (and not because the driver had back
trouble -- couldn't get it off the mattress). Merseyrail may well
apologise, but that doesn't get may any nearer my destination, and
that means that there will be a delay to the slip-sliding away.
Anyway, Viv was in Chester with Moth yesterday, so we caught the same
train home. And after evening-meal, she set off to J's place to
babysit overnight. I'm afraid I didn't do anything very useful, unlike
the two nights before. But I did go to bed early and get up early,
though I think health, wealth and wisdom depend on doing it regularly.
So I got up, dressed, had a bath [surely that can't be right] and made
breakfast for all before leaving at the usual time to no avail. So I'm
here at Bromborough Station and will shortly catch the Ellesmere Port
train to Hooton. It doesn't get me to Chester any quicker, but it will
make of feel better. And a taxi, should I need one, will be cheaper
from Hooton. That is all.
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black king

Logging trains

It's just like being back in Aotearoa. A train just went through
Chester station with twelve wagons of logs. And just like NZ, instead
of a guards van there was just a red lantern going flash-flash-flash.
As the weekend starts, so does the rain. And not yet sit o'clock, but
it's darkening and gloomy, partly the onset of autumn and partly the
weather. Anyhow, it's been a good day as I have finally managed to
reconcile some numbers that weren't right. But the weekend will soon
be upon us. Viv's absence will, least importantly, give me a chance to
pick up some more points, but there will be other things
to consider too.
England v Tonga for example. My Pacific heritage leaves me unsure on
this one. It would be a pity for England to be knocked out, but for
tiny Tonga to progress to even the quarter-finals would be truly
magnificent, and they know it. It certainly won't be a straightforward
match for the English. And the timing of the game will make it ideal
viewing for those in New Zealand who will be able to wake up to the
game, should they so desire.
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