January 1st, 2008


2008 is here

Sunday was spent mostly at church. An early start on Sunday morning as I was leading the service and an early start in the evening as I was preaching. A quiet day otherwise! Lunchtime was salmon steaks IIRC, with supporting cider, a Christmas present.
Then today, New Year's Eve, started with a later start, followed by coffee at sheaj34's house. Then back home, before setting off to Birkenhead for a touch of shopping with vivh. Then back to Bebington, as Viv went to wish a happy birthday to another friend while I went back home.
In the evening, another episode of Cracker, a DVD for the family for Christmas, supported by various drinks, followed by a game of Monopoly, also supported by drinks. A break at midnight to go out in the rain and look at the fireworks. But now we're well into 2008, as everyone except David is watching an episode of CSI, another Christmas present.
If I haven't wished you a Happy New Year yet, this is it! Happy New Year to you and everyone!
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The night wore on

It was around 3 before we got to bed and to sleep. It doesn't seem long at all since the boys struggled to stay awake till midnight, but they had no trouble at all last night.
The morning has already started, and it's going to be bathtime in just a minute.
Considering the Cointreau, cheese and other things that were so bad for me last night, it's remarkable that I start the year at 16st 6, which is 230 pounds or 104.3 kg.
Not only that, but as well as being New Year's Day ("all is quiet" - U2) it also marks the 6th birthday of my LiveJournal.
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