January 5th, 2008

black king

Birthday party

Despite the Bacardi and Coke, orange juice, minestrone, cheese and
biscuits at the Exec lounge and the sandwiches and more orange juice
on the flight, Viv met me at Lime Street and we stopped off for a good
old English curry at Alam on the way home. Then an early night and a
not so early morning. Viv had already left before I got going. She was
helping the set up for Foxy's 60th birthday party today. Lots of
people there for the lunchtime party, which I got to at a moment after
noon. Food and conversation aplenty as the afternoon wore on, and
about 3.30 most people went off their separate ways. I'm now on my way
to Birkenhead to buy a fluorescent tube for the purpose of
illuminating the kitchen. Let's see how I get on. I'll be disappointed
if the shop in question is closed, of course. I'm sure it never used
to get dark quite so early in the old days. Maybe it's just my memory.
Or my eyesight or light/dark perception. That is all.
black king

Yes, they were open!

Very pleased to find Grange Electrical was still open. Among all the
shuttered and derelict shops in that area, there are still some of the
bright lights of commerce. This particular one does seen like an
electrical store from a bygone age in the layout of the store, the
stock carried, the customer service and the prices. You'll have to
help me here: how is £2.75 for a 4' tube? That seems very reasonable
to me. According to the box, it delivers 3000 lumen. Is that good?
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