January 7th, 2008

black king

Monday night in Wembley

The Chester to London train was getting on for an hour late, so I
caught a local to Crewe. I'm amazed how few real hour London express
trains stop there. I'm also fascinated about the 08.12. As I arrived,
it was listed on the board, and it is shown on the paper timetable I
have. But a couple of minutes later, it disappeared off the board and
was never mentioned again. In the end, I caught the train ex-Carlisle.
Once in London, everything ran smoothly. But by home time I was tired.
Standing on a freezing station for an hour is a tiring experience.
After work, it was the Metropolitan Line to Wembley Park and a walk
down the hill to the Plaza Hotel, managed but not owned by Hilton. On
the down side, it means no complimentary breakfast. On the up side,
the breakfast will be much cheaper than the ridiculous figure Hilton
charges here.

As you may have guessed...

The last entry was from my phone, posted while I was waiting for a lamb burger, a corn on the cob and a drink. I've now walked back to the hotel and eaten them, but if I spend too long typing up this entry, I'll miss last entry at the hotel swimming pool. Even though I am tired. I'm sure it will do me some good, however, especially after a lamb burger, a corn on the cob and a drink...
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