January 10th, 2008


It's a rainy night in...oh, wait

Up early to be ready to participate in the 9 o'clock meeting that proved to be today, not yesterday. Then through the rest of the day, with a break for lunch in the middle. Then I thought about going off to the cinema tonight, but a combination of laziness, tiredness and rain suggested that I should just go back to the hotel instead, so I did. (Signalling problems causing severe delays on the Jubilee, but that only affected me indirectly.)
So I spent the money I saved on breakfast this morning and on going to the cinema by having something from room service. (Note to the financially cautious: no, not all the money I saved.)

Note for breakfast: last night, about a million Japanese women checked into the hotel while I was down at reception arguing. The hotel restaurant is being refurbished at the moment, so has moved into a smaller room with less reliable facilities and less space. So I went to McD for a big breakfast. But today it wasn't about the money, though £2.99 is a better price for breakfast: it was about not queuing in a small restaurant with a load of people bewildered by a foreign language, culture and breakfast. Maybe they would have been fine. I don't know. Also, thinking back, where were the men? Surely In my humble opinion the Japanese don't run hen parties to Wembley?
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