January 31st, 2008


The week in brief

Monday - went to work, went off to Wembley later on
Tuesday - went to work, got a hot Sri Lankan pizza for the evening
Wednesday - went to work, came back via Euston where I picked up a seat reservation for Friday and a bite to eat
Thursday - nothing yet
Might add some funny stories later.
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Green lady, very scary

I was at a business meeting yesterday, and one of the people there was
a lady I hadn't met before. She was wearing a green blouse with a
black cape over it. She had green eye shadow and a blusher that was
also green. She wore matching bracelets and necklace which had green
beads perhaps three quarters of an inch across all the way round the
wrists and neck. After the meeting, in the lift, it was apparent that
she was also wearing green shoes and green and black stockings. The
whole outfit was deeply disturbing. (on the other hand, memorable,
though really not in a good way.)
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Sri Lankan pizza

A Sri Lankan pizza is a pizza made by a Sri Lankan establishment. Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) has a large expatriate population in Wembley, it seems.
Sri Lankan food is notorious for being extremely hot and spicy. The pizza I bought lived up to this reputation, so I'm quite glad not to have bought one that was advertised as "hot". I didn't realise that the place was under Sri Lankan management when I stepped through the door, though there was no mistaking it afterwards: the newspapers, the posters on the wall, the music and the whole ambience of the place made it quite clear.
natesmountain and louderback, thanks for asking! I still read both of your LJs, even if I don't comment as often as I ought, sorry.
That goes for many of the rest of my flist, too.
Friends: are you in or near London? I'd be pleased to catch up with you in real life some time. Just drop me a line if interested, and I'll see if we can work something out.
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The last story for tonight! "Currys! Currys! Currys!"

Because I don't want to fill up your pages.

Last week, mionding my own business, I was wandering down from Wembley Park station towards the Plaza when I was assailed by an Indian gentleman.
"Currys! Currys! Currys!" he exclaimed
My usual thought process started, as it does when anyone comes out of the blue, regardless of their race, colour, creed or anything else: Is he hassling me to give him money? This didn't seem to be the case.
"Currys! Currys! Currys!" Just like the guys by Bebington station, who try to persuade you to dine at their establishment. I'd already eaten, and a quick look round revealed no restauarants in the vicinity.
"Currys! Electrical! Where?" That explained it. I indicated back up the road. "Up the road, that way. Behind McDonalds."
"How long?"
"About five minutes."
Ah, so he wasn't trying to rob me or feed me - he just wanted to buy something at the electrical store. More later.
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