February 1st, 2008

black king


I haven't even got to the office yet today, but all being well, I
should be home in Bromborough with Viv and the boys, if they're home
too, in less than twelve hours. Woo-hoo!
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black king


Some of the stupid things that happened today. Apart from the free
newspaper distributors asking me if I want their newspaper when I'm
already obviously carrying one. That happens every day. New stuff:
First, at Ixxy's Bagels at Euston. The lady said sorry, they didn't
have any salmon. This ranks as the second most ludicrous thing I ever
heard at a food place. It's right up there with the travel agent who
told me that Pan Am didn't fly to New York. A few moments later, I
terminated our discussion and never contacted his company again. No,
it obviously wasn't just a slip of the tongue.
And another thing. A phone singing its little heart out on the train.
A lady explains: that's my phone but it's in my suitcase. I say: if
you're not going to answer it, switch it off! And I hope the call
wasn't important...
and so ends another week. I'm on the train...
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