February 13th, 2008


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Got to London about half an hour late, as it turned out, and left the office just after half past six to walk to Liverpool Street. I'd arranged to meet my friend by WH Smith. How was I to know there were *three* branches on the station? Anyway, we finally met up and went over to Paddington, where his train home would later be going from. How do you start? Last time we met up, I was still living in Vanuatu, David was a preschooler, Christopher asn't born and neither were any of their three. So dinner at Garfunkel's wasn't enough time to catch up.
Tuesday was eaten up waiting for data during the day and at a Toastmasters meeting in the evening. Speeches including rowing as teamwork and avoiding wireless piggybacking. Then off to the pub, then back to Olympia.
And now, it's time to start the day, have a bath, have a breakfast, prepare for a day of work and a night with the family.
More later...
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Music for hotel dining rooms

It must be a long time since I heard "Good times, Bad times", but when
I did, I heard it a lot and saw the video a lot, because it was one of
the handful of sample videos distributed with Windows 95 back in the
day. In those days, a Pentium 2 at 100MHz was top of the range and the
internet was strictly for geeks. How far we have come! Perhaps too
far, I fear, for next up on the breakfast background music was
something equally bizarre: there's nothing (too) much wrong with
smoochy lounge music, possibly not even at breakfast time, but doesn't
it depend what the song is? Roxanne? For those who don't remember,
it's a song where the man pleads his lover not to go out on the game.
So why is it being sung in a lounge style? It doesn't fit the mood of
the song at all. And more puzzling, why is it being sung by a woman? A
woman who doesn't see fit even to change the words. "I won't share you
with another boy..."
It's my own fault. I should just enjoy the ambient music and try not
to worry whether any of it makes sense. Other things that don't make
sense include the album I recently downloaded from we7. Rock and pop
classics played by the London Symphony Orchestra and sung by Mike Batt
and Justin Hayward. It's not bad, actually, but in the words of Roger
Dasent, "what the hell was I thinking?"
Compared to that, maybe smoochy versions of Roxanne aren't quite so
bad after all. Ale tata, lukim yufala!
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