February 20th, 2008


Cricket, football

It's been a busy week at work, and the week is only half over. After a long journey and a busy day and an exhausting journey on the Central Line, I was pretty much exhausted on Monday night and had a rare early night.
Tuesday was another good day, not quite so long, but quite challenging.
Today, an early start, a reasonable journey, a long day at work. It's the first time that the main doors have been closed as I left the office. That may not be a good sign.

In the football, I was very pleased to see Liverpool beat Inter Milan. The froggies in the office are keen to remind me that Inter have a very good record in second legs of games. The Londoners keep talking about B*rnsl*y.

In the cricket, a remarkable achievement! A second tie at Napier. I remember Viv, her mum and dad, me and the boys, as we watched the thrilling event on television in 1997 as England managed to come within a whisker of winning, on her birthday, only to fail at the very end, and it was apparently just the same yesterday. I remember getting in the car straight after the game to go and buy a takeaway, and I remember the roads being really quiet, but after I'd picked it up, I couldn't get across the Pakowhai Road as a steady stream of cars came down the road from Napier, through Hastings, on their way back to Wellington, Palmy or wherever.

Matthew was at a fancy dress party at the weekend.
Matthew: There were some superheroes, two dressed like the guys in the 118 advert
Ian: Superman?
Matthew: Yeah, he was there, Wonder Woman too.
Ian: The Invisible Man?
Matthew: I didn't see him.
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