February 22nd, 2008



Thursday was another busy day, as I finally managed to get the data together for the last adjustment I needed to post for this month. It was a disappointment when at the end of the five o'clock conference call I heard the words "and we'll talk again tomorrow..." That's something that translates into "so you won't be on the 17:21 tomorrow night..."
After work, I tried to get reservations on either the 18:08 or 18:17 trains, but both were full. So instead I'm on the 18:20 to Manchester, changing at Crewe for Chester.
I'm fortunate that I'm in a first class coach that has been declassified but unfortunate that a most objectionable family is here too.
We stopped at Nuneaton to pick up a load of passengers for Manchester. And now we are runnign an hour late because one of the train in front of us broke down. This is not good.
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